Scholarships and Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities

Fact: 11% of graduating students have some form of disability, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. And, did you also know there are plenty of scholarships and funding opportunities for students with disabilities? Your student‘s education is of paramount importance. For more information, check out Affordable Colleges website here.

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School Psychologist Announcement

We now have a School Psychologist!

At Port View Preparatory®, we believe that developing a comprehensive educational program starts with a thorough understanding of each child as a unique individual. Our well rounded multidisciplinary team now includes a School Psychologist, who is 
able to complete any psychoeducational assessments that may be required, whether as part of a triennial IEP or when…

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Lack of Teachers

A Teacher Shortage Affects Us All

Parents and teachers form an important partnership in the lives of special education students. The success of this partnership is threatened by the growing crisis of a shortage of qualified special education teachers in 46 states throughout the nation, including California.* According to the Learning Policy Institute, a national education think tank, math and special…

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