Frequently Asked Questions

Port View Prep®

Q: What makes Port View Preparatory® different than other schools that cater to students with special needs?

A: Our professional and credentialed staff at Port View Prep understands that every special needs K-12 student is unique. That’s why Port View Prep administers individualized learning programs to ensure all students reach their fullest potential with tailored teaching techniques.

Small class sizes also make a difference, each student gets special attention from caring teachers with a 1:12 teacher-student ratio. Teaching and guiding the whole (intellectual, physical, social and emotional) child is our specialty and our privilege.

Q: Is Port View Prep a private school?

A: No, Port View Prep is a non-public school. A non-public school, unlike a private school, is certified by the California Department of Education to serve districts in the State of California.

Q: Does my child qualify for admission to Port View Prep?

A: Port View Prep is a non-public school that serves students with autism spectrum disorder, developmental disabilities, behavior challenges, and/or unique learning needs. Programs are individualized for specific student needs and we like to meet the students who may enroll at Port View Prep to determine if they would benefit from our educational approach.

We strive to serve and assist a variety of individuals with varying needs and welcome all parents and students to tour the school and determine if it is a setting in which they would thrive. Unless students are placed at Port View Prep privately, admission is contingent upon an IEP team decision in which Port View Prep is part of the offer of FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Education).

Q: Is there tuition to enroll my child in Port View Prep?

A: Port View Prep has a tuition rate for daily attendance and any required services. Please contact Edward Miguel or Melaura Tomaino for specific pricing information.

Q: What grades and ages does Port View Prep service?

A: Port View Prep is certified by the California Department of Education to serve students ages 5-22.

Q: What types of learning disabilities does Port View Prep specialize in?

A: Port View Prep specializes in educating and treating individuals with autism spectrum disorder, developmental disabilities, severe challenging behavior and/or specific learning disabilities. We employ evidence- based strategies for the students we serve.

Q: What is Port View Prep’s philosophy on discipline?

A: Port View Prep does not use physical intervention or seclusion, and relies on positive reinforcement to affect behavior. Our professional staff is trained and credentialed in using various management techniques unique to each student’s needs.

Q: What is Port View Prep’s philosophy on teaching?

A: Port View Prep believes that each student learns and excels in his/her own unique way. Our teaching approach, curriculums and programs are tailored for each student. Upon enrollment, several assessments are completed to determine the best plan and program for each individual student.

Q: What is the student-to-teacher ratio at Port View Prep?

A: Port View Prep’s program ratio is 3 students to 1 teacher. However, many students have unique needs that require more intensive support so Port View Prep offers 2:1 and 1:1 ratios based on each individual student’s needs and program. Extra charges are incurred for lower student to teacher ratios.

Q: What is the Port View Prep classroom and school environment like?

A: Port View Prep takes pride in creating and maintaining a safe, inviting, therapeutic and high-quality environment for our students. The campus features HON furnishings, Apple computers and iPads, and therapeutic equipment from industry professionals.

Q: What is Port View Prep’s classroom behavior plan?

A: Port View Prep does not create classroom-based behavior plans. Rather, a behavior intervention plan (BIP) is developed by a team of BCBA’s and BCaBA’s who are led by a doctorate level Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D) for each individual student upon enrollment at Port View Preparatory®.

Q: What additional therapies (e.g., occupational, physical, etc.) are available for my child?

A: In addition to individualized education and behavior plans, Port View Prep offers speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy.

Q: What is Port View Prep’s communication policy?

A: Port View Prep enjoys fostering open communication with parents, districts and other professionals in the field. Each student has a daily communication log that is sent home at the close of each school day. In addition, Port View Prep uses a web-based and HIPPA-compliant data collection system that parents are given login access to so that they may observe their child’s real time data when convenient. Parents are also welcome to observe during the school day and/or during specific therapy times.

Q: What accommodations and support are offered in class?

A: Each class has a credentialed classroom teacher in addition to a minimum of four classroom support providers. In addition, classrooms are equipped with two Apple computers and each student is assigned an iPad for educational applications, data collection and reinforcement opportunities. Visual schedules and cues are embedded into each classroom according to specific student needs. Classrooms also have a designated area that includes sensory/OT equipment. Specific accommodations are also made on an as-needed basis.

Q: In addition to academics, are functional skills and community-based instruction part of the curriculum/program?

A: Functional skills and community-based instruction (CBI) are a large focus at Port View Preparatory®. Each class has curriculum, materials and groups to foster and teach functional skills. Many students have IEP goals related to functional skills that are targeted each day. Students also participate in CBI on a weekly basis. Classrooms go out into the community once or twice per week to apply the skills they have learned in the classroom and to become active members of their school community.

Q: If my child has a medical need, is there a nurse on site at all times?

A: Nurses and medical providers are consulted on an as-needed basis.

Q: How does Port View Prep handle transportation to and from school?

A: Port View Prep places the safety of its students as a top priority. A vehicle safety analysis revealed that Chevrolet SUVs are among the safest vehicles to transport larger numbers of individuals. Port View Prep has a fleet of SUVs that are used to transport students to and from school as well as transport them to community outings.

Q: Does Port View Prep accommodate students from outside the district?

A: Port View Preparatory® serves students from a variety of school districts. We work with several districts from the Inland Empire, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Orange County and Los Angeles County.

Q: Who can enroll at Port View Prep?

A: Port View Prep caters to the unique needs of K-22 students with developmental disabilities. Port View Prep works closely with public school districts to serve those students who are unable to thrive in a public school setting. Between Port View Prep campuses in Tustin and Port View Ontario, we are able to serve students from the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside.

Q: How many classrooms are there at Port View?

A: The Tustin campus has 9 classrooms, and the Ontario campus has 7 classrooms.

Q: Is there an outdoor space at Port View?

A: Port View Prep in Tustin has traditional outdoor space to accommodate students’ needs. The 25,000 square foot Ontario campus boasts large classrooms and Promethean Interactive Boards, Functional Interval Training with physical therapy and exercise equipment but no outdoor space. Our Community Based Instruction programs at both campuses will continue introducing students to museums, parks, restaurants and other venues.

"You guys are a new school but your experience and the love for the students are not. You guys are in the right field. You guys are impacting our children's lives and families in such beautiful way."
- Gilda Bates
"To be honest with you, I haven't had a worry or care in the world about Mikey's safety since he started at PVP."
- Rachel Darr
"My husband was just telling me how much he has seen an improvement in Wendy's behavior. She doesn't seem angry with herself, she seems content with herself, kind of like comfortable with herself, like she's going to be ok knowing she has everyone's support.  She will have difficult days I'm sure but hopefully less aggressive but she will know she will always have  our love, I am cherishing these days and more to come, thanks to you and all the staff."
- Rosa Soto
"My son had been to different Non Public Schools but nothing compared to Port View. We finally found the right and great  school for him. We feel at peace now sending him to school knowing that people will take care of him and able to handle his behaviors. We are so grateful because of this."
- Veronica Barin