When you join the Port View Preparatory® team, you are joining a family of nurturing, professional, passionate people who work hard daily to make a difference in the lives of special needs students.

Our strong, credentialed team of teachers and therapists choose to work at Port View Preparatory® because we are the leading, up-and-coming Orange County-based special education school also serving students in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties.

If you’re a strong believer in using evidence-based and practical models to help students with complex challenges achieve what many thought they couldn’t, apply today!

There are jobs and there are careers. Where do you want to start on Monday mornings?

Working hard at something you don’t enjoy pays for a sweet vacation, but what about the rest of the year? Some people live for their vacations, while others live for a rewarding career. It’s you we want to meet!

Imagine working at a place that challenges you in the best ways, excites your mind to new possibilities, backed by a team that believes in you, and thinks outside the box. You will come home tired from a good day’s work. Why? You just said ‘yes’ to what many others said no to in working with students with special needs.

Rewarding? Absolutely, especially for the “does-my-work-contribute-to-a-better-society” factor. As for those vacations, we pay above the industry standard, contribute $265 toward any medical plan and provide other generous benefits including a 401K plan. That’s just to sweeten the deal of working with our fantastic students.

There are many marvelous teachers. Yet not all have the passion and determination that makes for a good fit at Port View Prep. You’ve got to be good, good enough that you choose to give your personal best to these students.

We say ‘yes’ to these students in ways they have never experienced. We say yes to proms, of course to yearbooks, and give a high-five to our student government councils, and yeah-yeah-yeah to yoga and Functional Interval Training classes, to going out to movies, restaurants and more. When it comes to charting educational and social opportunities, we say yes and yes again!

What does your ideal work environment look like? High credentialed teacher to student ratio? Try 1:12, 1:3 classroom support providers to students, plus 3 BCBAs and 2 BCaBAs for a combined student population of less than 150.

If your ideal workplace means the school doesn’t cut corners where materials and equipment are concerned, we are that school. Specifically, we use Apple products in every class and every student that needs a learning device gets one for free. Only HON furniture, which makes the sturdiest desks, is used and students are transported in our modern fleet of Chevy SUVs complete with Telogis software.

Finally, what sets us apart from other schools are stories like “Ted.” Before coming to us, Ted had no form of communication other than to act out behaviorally, which often resulted in physical restraint. At Port View, Ted learned to communicate so he could say what he wanted to say, and he was never restrained. If that inspires you, let’s talk!

Port View Preparatory® Schools are located in Tustin and Ontario. We serve students from Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties.

Let’s start changing lives and the world for the better.

We are hiring for our ABA Paraprofessional/Classroom Support Providers

and Special Education Teachers/Education Specialists





"You guys are a new school but your experience and the love for the students are not. You guys are in the right field. You guys are impacting our children's lives and families in such beautiful way."
- Gilda Bates
"To be honest with you, I haven't had a worry or care in the world about Mikey's safety since he started at PVP."
- Rachel Darr
"My husband was just telling me how much he has seen an improvement in Wendy's behavior. She doesn't seem angry with herself, she seems content with herself, kind of like comfortable with herself, like she's going to be ok knowing she has everyone's support.  She will have difficult days I'm sure but hopefully less aggressive but she will know she will always have  our love, I am cherishing these days and more to come, thanks to you and all the staff."
- Rosa Soto
"My son had been to different Non Public Schools but nothing compared to Port View. We finally found the right and great  school for him. We feel at peace now sending him to school knowing that people will take care of him and able to handle his behaviors. We are so grateful because of this."
- Veronica Barin