The Port View Preparatory Advantage

  • Kindergarten, High School and Adult Transition education

  • Functional Behavior Assessment Reports

  • Behavior modification without restraint or seclusion techniques

  • Unmatched Student to Instructor/Aide ratios:

  • 1:12 credentialed Teachers to students

  • 1:3 Classroom Support Providers to students

  • 1:1 and/or 1:2 Classroom Support Providers to students*

  • For every 20 students there is one board certified professional available. For an exact number of our credentialed staff please contact Lisa Odendaal at

  • School Psychologist

  • Instructional  trips to museums, restaurants, movies, parks, and more

  • Parent-PVP collaboration for in-home programs

  • Personal iPads for students who need them

  • Student pick-up and drop-off in unmarked Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban SUVS

  • *Additional costs may apply

"You guys are a new school but your experience and the love for the students are not. You guys are in the right field. You guys are impacting our children's lives and families in such beautiful way."
- Gilda Bates
"My husband was just telling me how much he has seen an improvement in Wendy's behavior. She doesn't seem angry with herself, she seems content with herself, kind of like comfortable with herself, like she's going to be ok knowing she has everyone's support.  She will have difficult days I'm sure but hopefully less aggressive but she will know she will always have  our love, I am cherishing these days and more to come, thanks to you and all the staff."
- Rosa Soto