A Teacher Shortage Affects Us All

Parents and teachers form an important partnership in the lives of special education students. The success of this partnership is threatened by the growing crisis of a shortage of qualified special education teachers in 46 states throughout the nation, including California.*

According to the Learning Policy Institute, a national education think tank, math and special education teachers are in the highest demand, leading to a possible shortfall of some 112,000 teachers across the country this year. Nationwide, college enrollment in teaching programs dropped by a whopping 35% between 2009 and 2015. Further exacerbating the problem is a projection that more than 25% of California’s special education teachers are slated to retire by 2024, more than in any other subject area.*

Experts that study this troubling trend attribute the drop in interest to two reasons: a stagnant salary for teachers over the past two decades, and growing demands on teachers.*

School administrators say it has always been a challenge to recruit math and special education teachers, but the problem has grown in the past five years. As a result, some districts are forced to increase class size to 35 students or hire teachers who are still in training.*

Numerous solutions are in the works to resolve the teacher shortage, but unfortunately, none can do so in the short term. Working with local college and university education programs, offering service scholarships or forgivable loans, and creating teacher residencies are among the many methods on the table. **

Port View Preparatory stands behind research that finds special education training improves a teachers’ ability to most effectively teach students and meet their needs and well-being. As a result, our hiring qualification standards are higher, our working conditions are better, and both contribute to a higher student success rate.

We are currently recruiting for special education teachers, BCBA’s, and Classroom Support Providers (Paraprofessionals).  If you, or someone you know meets the qualifications to fill one of these positions, we encourage you to apply!

Port View Preparatory offers a very competitive salary and working conditions that provide unmatched team support in all aspects with highly qualified staff and board certified professionals. We attract the most experienced, talented and credentialed special needs staff in Southern California to administer individualized learning programs for our students in small classes (1:12 ratio).


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