We now have a School Psychologist!

At Port View Preparatory®, we believe that developing a comprehensive educational program starts with a thorough understanding of each child as a unique individual.

Our well rounded multidisciplinary team now includes a School Psychologist, who is 
able to complete any psychoeducational assessments that may be required, whether as part of a triennial IEP or when we wish to develop a more complete picture of the learning style of students who are new to our program.

Understanding how our students distinctively process information allows us to maximize their potential by tailoring our educational program so that each student is taught in the way that they learn best.

Our School Psychologist utilizes a variety 
of tools, including verbal and nonverbal measures and parent rating scales to ensure that we have a complete picture of our students that incorporates their functioning at home and in the community.

Because our School Psychologist is a familiar face on campus, the rapport that has already been developed can be harnessed to ensure that students perform to the best of their ability and educational decisions are made with the most accurate data possible.

Additionally, having a School Psychologist on site allows unfettered access to our students across settings, creating opportunities for frequent observations during structured and unstructured activities and allowing for a greater level of ecological validity throughout the assessment process.

Perhaps most importantly, allowing our School Psychologist to assess our students gives us an opportunity to ensure that further consultation regarding student learning is available and recommendations for student growth are adhered to across school settings.

Services Include:

  • Psychoeducational Assessment including observations across multiple settings
  • Interviews with parents, school staff, and outside support providers where applicable
  • Cognitive development
  • Processing abilities utilizing the cross-battery method of assessment when appropriate
  • Academic achievement
  • Adaptive skills
  • Social-emotional functioning
  • Consideration of eligibility criteria

Education Related Mental Health Services (ERMHS) including, but not limited to, Individual Counseling (510) and Counseling and Guidance (515). For our students who require social/emotional support to supplement our behavioral program, services are available in both individual and group settings, with a strong focus on the cultivation of self-awareness, self-monitoring, and social skill development.