Inclusion is Smart Business and Good Business

Employers have many challenges. Among other things, they need people that are reliable, creative, capable, and loyal. It turns out, those with disabilities can often be all of those things.  Organizations must always consider many factors and many kinds of people in filling job slots.  A researcher will need to have different preparation and sometimes different personal characteristics compared to someone making deliveries from a truck. The point is that looking at the individual’s capabilities is always part of the process.

When it comes to hiring people with disabilities, the factors to be weighed may vary somewhat but the basic process is – and should be – the same.  In almost every case, recognizing the capabilities in the individual and connecting them to the right opportunity can produce a win-win. The individual has an opportunity to move ahead with a productive life and the employer is likely to have found a truly outstanding employee.

That’s not to say that there aren’t challenges in employing individuals with disabilities. However, as any HR professional will tell you, there are challenges with all kinds of employees; working with the disabled just means embracing a different set of perspectives.

At Port View Preparatory®, we are in the business of focusing on people’s potential and helping them develop it. We can tell you a few things about “amazing” and, if you are an employer, we can even help to give you the starting point you need to understand and (we hope) embrace a policy of engaging with and hiring individuals with disabilities. In our experience, it is a step that employers never regret.

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