Port View Preparatory®School Leadership to Address State Department of Education Workshop; Spotlight on Non-Restraint Methods

Press Release


January 27, 2017


    YORBA LINDA, Calif. – Dr. Edward Miguel and Dr. Melaura Erickson-Tomaino, the co-founders and Principals of Port View Preparatory® School in Yorba Linda will make a presentation to the California Department of Education’s Nonpublic Schools and Agencies Positive Behavioral Support Program and Interventions Workgroup on January 30.

Port View Preparatory® caters to the unique needs of K-22 students with developmental disabilities, both mental and physical, in Orange, Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties.

    “We are honored to participate on this panel to share our program and its effectiveness despite the absence of restraint and seclusion in addressing severe challenging behavior. We have had success with alternative interventions which include ABA, speech and occupational therapies and are eager to share our knowledge and learn from this seasoned group of educators and mental health professionals,” said Dr. Erickson-Tomaino.

    Speaking in Sacramento, the pair will discuss their experience in working with students with disabilities using flexible and individualized interventions that inspire students to thrive and meet their full potential.

Port View currently has a waiting list and is actively hiring licensed and credentialed staff.

    About Port View Preparatory® School:

Port View Preparatory® is a non-public school that operates like the best private schools in the country for students K-22 with special needs. Small class sizes, high teacher-to-student ratios, (currently1:12), use of applied behavior analysis, speech-language and occupational therapies, the PEERS program, social skills training, Port View also provides vocational education and career development for students. Community integration and training programs, fitness and unique educational field trips are also offered. Additionally, the school provides top-of-the-line equipment and student transportation. With a vision to see beyond the challenges, Port View Preparatory® charts educational opportunities that allow each student to fulfill his or her full potential.

For more information visit www.portviewparatory.com and connect on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Vimeo.