Port View Preparatory® School Press Release 8.2.16

Port View Preparatory® School leadership takes higher education seriously and now both its co-founders and co-principals hold doctorate degrees; one in psychology and one in education. Port View Preparatory® caters to the unique needs of K-22 students with developmental disabilities, both mental and physical in Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino Counties.

The school with 48 students offers small class sizes with a 1:12 teacher-student ratio. Port View Preparatory® administers individualized learning programs to ensure all students reach their fullest potential with tailored teaching techniques. Now the school can add an EdD. to the roster as Co-Founder and Co-Principal Edward Miguel who is already a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) recently completed his doctorate in education at Fielding Graduate University.

“Personally and professionally, I couldn’t be more proud of my colleague, now “Dr. Miguel” for achieving this milestone while working more than full time here,” said Dr. Melaura Erickson Tomaino, co-principal and co-founder, Ph.D., BCBA, Port View Preparatory® School. “I’m certain he will use this training to build an even more influential platform to advocate for our current and future students.”

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