Student Government Elections 2017-2018

Port View Prep: Student Government Elections 2017-2018!


Port View Prep Sailors will have a chance to run for office or vote for their representatives on the Student Government Council later this month.

Formed in 2016, the PVP Student Council is made up of six positions: President, Vice President, Treasure, Secretary, Activities Chair, Personal Relations Chair and Classroom Representatives. The cabinet meets regularly and makes recommendations to the administration based on student body feedback.

Student government programs play an important role in obtaining social skills not necessarily learned in the classroom. “Students who campaign must advocate for their vision of how campus life can be enriched. They learn to work in committees, work within a budget and be ambassadors for their peers,” says Melaura Erickson Tomaino, co-founder and principal of Port View Preparatory schools.

Because of Student Council input, the 2017 Port View Prom was a huge success as the council decided on the theme, suggested music, food (guacamole a big hit) and other fun activities. The council gives input on everything from social outings to types of snacks students prefer.

Potential student candidates must indicate their intent to run for office by Friday, September 15. This year’s election campaign commences September 25-29. Candidates can make hallway signs, fliers and other paper materials to promote themselves.  

The Ontario’s election assembly will be Tuesday, October 3 and Yorba Linda campus on Wednesday, October 4. Election results will be announced on October 5.