Port View Preparatory, Tustin and Ontario are participating in the 2021 Great Kindness Challenge and we are excited for all the acts of kindness we have seen around campus and via Zoom at home!

Creating friendships, cultivating community and learning social skills are all excellent situations to share kindness. Port View Preparatory®’s dedicated staff are strong believers in helping to nurture each student wholly. This includes specialized academic instruction, applied behavioral analysis, critical therapies, vocational and career assistance and helping each student develop the needed social skills and relationships to succeed and thrive in school and in life… and kindness is an integral part of any relationship!

Here are more ways to act kind:

  • Smile at 25 people
  • Place nice note on a family member’s pillow or a friend’s desk
  • Invent a fun handshake with your family
  • Tell a joke and make someone laugh
  • Recycle your trash
  • List 10 things you are thankful for
  • Pat yourself on the back, self-love is kind