Advocating for Your Special Needs Child

Parents of special needs children face challenges that others can’t even begin to imagine. That’s why it’s so important for parents to be an informed advocate for their children with varying types of special needs. This means supporting and often being the voice for children in various systems including education, health care, special programs and more.

At Port View Preparatory® School (PVP), we are an extension of your advocacy efforts in education because we understand the intricate needs of communicating, serving and delivering the best possible support for your special needs child. Constructive advocacy is a skill that is learned over time and can make all the difference in your child’s life. As a parent, effective advocacy often involves the following:

  1. Taking quality care of yourself emotionally, mentally and physically.
  2. Learning everything you can about your child’s special needs in various situations.
  3. Educating yourself about the educational resources available.
  4. Planning and preparing for meetings that involve your special needs child.
  5. Becoming a creative problem solver.

There are many resources that can help you better educate yourself in the various ways you can be the best possible advocate for your special needs child. Following are a few links:

No one knows your child better than you and it’s important to get that across in a respectful manner when communicating with others regarding your child’s care. At PVP, you can consider us a collaborative partner in your child’s advocacy education team because we also want the best for your child – that’s part of the Port View Preparatory® promise.