Is it almost Thanksgiving already?

Is it almost Thanksgiving already? While we proceed into the holiday season we are reminded of the joy that our students bring us each and every day. Our thankfulness for the students we serve and the parents who have entrusted us with their children is the fuel for the fire that is our passion for what we do. Personally, I am the luckiest School Principal alive. Not only do I have wonderful students and parents, but I also have the best team of people to work with every day.

I sit here amazed as I think of the amount of responsibility and effort that it takes to be an employee at Port View Prep®. The demands and expectations are high. But like our students, our team members strive for excellence as they model what it is like to be responsible, hard working adults with huge hearts!

To our parents: Thank you for your trust and for contributing to our wonderful school by offering support, ideas, and feedback. Our school wouldn’t be where it is without you!

To our students: Thank you for inspiring us everyday by trying so hard and doing so with smiles and laughter! You have all made so much progress this semester, it is such a reward to watch you grow every day.

To the PVP Team: Thank you for dedicating your lives to this important cause and for choosing to pursue your careers at Port View Prep®. You are part of a team that shapes dreams and changes lives!

During this holiday season let’s focus on the little accomplishments and the spirit of giving. Let us all be safe and be well!

-Mr. Eddie