A Note From Our Principal

Dear Parents, Families, Students, and Prospective Students,

Although the journey has already begun, the most inspiring and culturally definitive moments are yet to be experienced. The physical aspects of this process are being completed at this moment and the development of a place where our students feel at home is taking place. What we look forward to is what we will experience together as a community and as a family.

Port View Preparatory® School is taking a different approach to providing an education by providing meaningful life experiences that students can carry with them. We, as educators, approach this type of learning understanding that only our students can evaluate the level of meaning behind each of these experiences. For this reason, the vision of this school is not defined and established by one, it is established and defined by each and every one of our students. This vision is expected to change as we mature and with each and every student that we serve. Our role, as educators, is to ensure that we see out this vision for the individual student and for the school community as a whole.

Students, families, partners, colleagues, neighbors, and friends will define our future and make our journey what it will be. What I know is this: If we listen to our students and our hearts, our journey is bright and all of our students will experience a meaningful and life-enhancing education.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Edward S. Miguel