What is a Nonpublic School (NPS)?

Port View Preparatory is a nonpublic school in California serving Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties… but what is a nonpublic school? We get that question a lot from parents who are currently in a district that we serve and are interested in  knowing more about our programs. Here is a little more about what a NPS is and how Port View Prep is different from most.

According to the California Department of Education’s website, “Nonpublic nonsectarian schools (NPS) are specialized private schools that provide services to public school students with disabilities. EC Section 56034 External link opens in new window or tab. defines an NPS as a private, nonsectarian school that enrolls individuals with exceptional needs pursuant to an individualized education program.”

At PVP we go above and beyond in our services, our standards and our programs. Here is a glimpse of the Port View Preparatory Advantage:

  • Kindergarten, Middle School, High School and Adult Transition education

  • Functional Behavior Assessment Reports

  • Behavior modification without restraint or seclusion techniques

  • Unmatched Student to Instructor/Aide ratios:

  • 1:12 credentialed Teachers to students

  • 1:3 Classroom Support Providers to students

  • 1:1 and/or 1:2 Classroom Support Providers to students*

  • For every 20 students there is one board certified professional available. For an exact number of our credentialed staff please contact Lisa Odendaal at Lodendaal@portviewpreparatory.com.

  • School Psychologist

  • Instructional  trips to museums, restaurants, movies, parks, and more

  • Parent-PVP collaboration for in-home programs

  • Personal iPads for students who need them

  • Student pick-up and drop-off in unmarked Chevrolet SUVs

Email us info@portviewpreparatory.com for more details on how you and your student can join us!