Fontana and Rialto School Districts Get Training From Port View Prep Co-Founders & Principals

Speaking about the role of instructional aides in special education and reducing challenging behaviors without using restraints or seclusion measures, Port View Preparatory’ s presentations attracted 300 attendees interested in learning more about changes in the field of special education.

Port View Prep’s Co-founders and Principals gave detailed presentations to fellow educators at the Fontana Unified School District and the Rialto Unified School District as part of a district-wide training for Instructional Aides.
“Just the opportunity to share evidence-based findings about our treatment methods with our peers was incredibly rewarding,” says Dr. Melaura Erickson-Tomaino, Co-Founder and principal at Port View Prep.

The 90 minute presentations, “Filling the Gaps: The Role of the Instructional Aide in Special Education,” and “Reducing Challenging Behaviors Without Restraint and Seclusion: An Examination of Behavior Analytics Supports,” were held in July and August.

According to Dr. Edward Miguel, co-founder and principal at Port View Prep, the increased use of treating behavioral issues with physical restraint and seclusion techniques has fueled outreach efforts to show alternative treatment methods.

Both Drs. Miguel and Erickson-Tomaino took the issue to Sacramento legislators, and plan to continue spreading the word on the advantages in treating behavioral challenges with a completely different mindset. “The proof is walking around our halls. Parents see the difference and most importantly, students are self-empowered via access to a wider array of strategies to manage their own behaviors,” adds Dr. Miguel.