Behavior Therapy Benefits Parents Too

As parents of children with autism, you face many unique challenges that can take a toll on your emotional health.

A recent study, published in Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, suggests that behavioral therapy isn’t just good for children with autism, but for parents who actively participate as co-therapists as well.

Associate Professor at York University and co-author on the journal article, Dr. Jonathan Weiss, said “parents improved their abilities to handle their own emotions and to see themselves in a more positive light…It helped them to become more aware of their parenting and all of the good they do as parents.”

The study reviewed parent surveys of those participating in their child’s therapy before and after treatment and compared the responses to parents who had not taken an active role in these sessions.

Dr. Weiss adds, “What’s unique about what we studied is what happens when parents are partners in the process from start to finish. Increasingly we know that it’s helpful for kids with autism, specifically, and now we have proven that it’s helpful for their parents too.

Learning to engage with your child’s differences through behavioral therapy can help you feel more like the amazing, successful parents we know you to be!


We at Port View Preparatory Schools would love to talk more about ways you can be an active participant in your child’s behavioral therapy sessions. To discuss this further, please contact Sarah Ann Kagawa-Purohit, Assistant Principal of Behavior-Analytic Programs at